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What is Emissions?

As part of Arizona’s initiative to protect air quality and avoid federal restrictions on economic growth, Arizona residents in the Phoenix and Tucson areas are required to have their vehicle’s emission tested every 1-2 years, depending on the vehicle. Although there are some exemptions, as listed here, most vehicles over 5 years old and manufactured in 1967 and later, must pass emissions testing to register the vehicle.  Find your nearest ADEQ testing facility and check wait times here.

Emissions Testing

ADEQ testing stations perform tests dependent on your vehicle type, which may include exhaust measurements, onboard diagnostic testing, smoke density testing, and tampering inspections. Emissions tests range in price from $12.25 (Tucson) to as high as $25 for diesels (Phoenix). Should the vehicle fail the initial emissions test, a second test may be performed free of charge if completed within 60 days.

To learn more about emissions testing in Arizona check out this fast link to ADEQ’s webpage.

Failed Emissions Diagnostics and Repairs

If your vehicle has failed the Arizona emissions test your registration is now delayed and you are likely frustrated and worried over potential repair costs. Will this emissions repair cost a fortune? It doesn’t have to. A key component to solving emissions-related issues is hiring the right professional repair shop to accurately diagnose the issue. Emissions failures can be complicated, and an inexperienced shop can cost you a lot of money in unnecessary parts if the vehicle is not diagnosed properly. There is nothing more frustrating than failing a second emissions test after paying for repairs! So, what now?

Start the emissions repair process right by hiring a shop you can trust! New Dimensions Automotive has experience and a solid reputation in emissions repairs. We are good at emissions repairs because we have done thousands of them since 2005, on a huge variety of vehicle makes and models. Our technicians diagnose issues accurately because they are equipped with the right tools, from our state-of-the-art computer scanners and software to our high-tech smoke machines. When it’s time for repair, our service department has both dealer-direct and OEM aftermarket part options available, offering you affordable solutions to emissions repairs. We can even take your vehicle to the emissions station for you – saving you the hassle of waiting in line!

Give our service department a call at (480) 218-0096 to schedule an appointment, or contact us for more information.

To see our performance at the local emissions station, search zip codes 85215, 85205, 85213, etc. We are pleased to maintain a 100% accuracy report!

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