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It’s HOT!

Living without air conditioning in Arizona would be extremely difficult. Studies show a car left in a parking lot for one hour, with the outside temperature at 110, raises the interior dash temperature to 192 degrees or more!


How does a car’s AC work?

Understanding how your car’s AC works will help you understand why it takes time to cool your interior and may help you identify whether or not you have an AC problem requiring attention from a mechanic.

So exactly how does your car’s AC system work? First, a car’s AC system does not hold or produce cold air; rather its job is to remove heat from the air. There are several parts common within each car’s A/C unit: the compressor, condenser, orifice tube/expansion valve, receiver dryer/accumulator, evaporator, filter, blower fans, and refrigerant/Freon. Air conditioning units are comprised of two sides; the high-pressure side and the low-pressure side. Each of the parts within must be in good working order to effectively transfer gas/liquid from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side, and back again. Refrigerant, or R134a and R1234 as most commonly used in today’s cars, resides within your AC system. An AC compressor’s job is exactly as it sounds, it compresses the gas refrigerant into a high-pressure state causing it to turn to liquid. The liquid then travels through a high-pressure line to the condenser. The condenser’s job is to heat transfer, by putting the liquid refrigerant in contact with the outside air, which absorbs the heat from the liquid. The cool liquid then flows to the receiver dryer/accumulator which removes and collects unwanted moisture and contaminants. The now clean refrigerant travels through the evaporator tubes and while in a gaseous state absorbs heat traveling through the evaporator. The fans then blow the cool air through the dash and out the vents at a speed and temperature that you control. The refrigerant continues to travel back to the high-pressure side through a suction hose so it can once again be compressed to liquid and restart the process.

Just imagine, if one or more of these parts clog or fail, your AC system will not perform as it should. If you suspect you have an AC problem, give New Dimensions Automotive a call at (480) 218-0096 to have a certified technician inspect your AC system.

How can I cool my car faster?

The extreme temperatures in Arizona can be frustrating to a car owner. Do not expect to have ice-cold air blowing through your vents immediately upon entering your car. Remember, the AC’s job is to remove heat from the air. The hotter the air is outside, the more your system has to work. Also, keep in mind that your dash is very hot, and although your AC system may have removed the hot air properly at the evaporator (typically under the passenger side dash), by the time the air blows through your vents it potentially has been heated by the dash.

There are a few things you can do to help speed up the cooling process. First, try to keep the car’s cabin from reaching extreme temperatures. If the temperature outside is 100, your vehicle interior can quickly heat to temps of 130-170+. Try tinting your windows, parking in shaded areas, keeping your passenger window cracked open, the sunroof vented, your dash covered, and windshield protected. All of these things can help slow the heat process within your cabin. When you first start your car’s air conditioning, immediately roll down the windows to vent the hotter air out, allowing your car to cool to the outside temperature. After a few minutes of venting, roll the windows back up and keep them up, allowing the cool air from the vents to flow through the cabin.

If you think your car’s AC is not working properly, New Dimensions Automotive offers auto AC services, diagnostics, and AC repairs in Mesa, AZ. Give our service department a call to discuss your concerns at (480) 218-0096.

AC Service

If your air conditioning isn’t blowing as cold as it should, you may have a refrigerant leak. New Dimensions Automotive offers AC services in Mesa, AZ where technicians will evacuate and recharge the AC system. Best of all, unlike most independent shops, New Dimensions Automotive has invested in new and highly accurate machines that can service both R134 and R1234yf freon systems. Call today to discuss your vehicle (480) 218-0096.

AC Repairs

Sometimes a car’s air conditioning system can fail, and it’s usually at the most inconvenient time when temperatures have peaked over 100. Leaking refrigerant, broken or worn AC belts, improper maintenance, or simply time, heat and frequent use can cause an AC system to fail. New Dimensions Automotive offers quick service and quality AC repairs in Mesa, AZ to include diagnosing and replacing components ranging from compressors, condensers, and evaporators, to a full kit replacement.

No matter what your AC system requires, New Dimensions Automotive is the right shop to do the job.  Call today at (480) 218-0096 to schedule an appointment to have your AC system inspected.

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