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Steering and Suspension

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Steering and Suspension Systems

The steering and suspension system in a vehicle is responsible for keeping the vehicle on the road, absorbing bumps, and allowing the vehicle to turn as directed by the driver. Parts within the steering and suspension system are wearable parts that require maintenance, for both safety and comfort. You should have your vehicle’s steering and suspension components inspected at least once a year, and replace parts showing signs of wear or damage. Misalignment or worn components can cause a vehicle to drive unsafely, and if ignored can cause additional costly repairs down the road. Signs of possible steering and suspension issues include:

  • The vehicle pulls to one side

  • The steering wheel feels too tight or too loose

  • There is a shimmy from the steering wheel

  • The power steering pump is louder than usual

  • Tires shake

  • The vehicle bounces excessively over bumps

  • The vehicle continues to bounce after dips and bumps

  • The vehicle takes bumps too hard/loud noises

  • Tires are wearing unevenly

  • Unable to maintain alignment

Front End Suspension

Front-end suspension is typically more complicated than rear-end suspension because it is not only responsible for going up and down with the vehicle’s body, it also must twist at various angles to steer the vehicle. If your vehicle is no longer driving smoothly, pulls to the side, has excessive play in the steering wheel, or you are noticing excessive tire wear; you may have a front-end suspension problem. Bring your vehicle to New Dimensions Automotive to inspect the steering and suspension systems, including parts like arms, bars, ball joints, bushings, shocks, linkages, rack and pinions, springs, and more. If parts are found to be worn or broken, New Dimensions Automotive is certified to repair your vehicle with quality OEM parts, all backed by a Nationwide Limited Warranty.

Rear Suspension

A rear suspension is made of various components including parts like shock absorbers, struts, and springs. The main function of the rear suspension is to keep the vehicle’s body from making contact with the road, control the vehicle when turning or going over bumps and dips, and keep the vehicle’s tires on the road. Signs of a rear suspension problem include: the vehicle is sitting lower than usual, feeling all the bumps in the road, having less control over dips/bumps and turns, or loud noises from the rear wheels. If you suspect you have a suspension problem, bring your vehicle to New Dimensions Automotive where we will perform an inspection of your suspension system and provide you with a diagnostics report. Should you need repair, we are certified and experienced in suspension repairs and can get you back on the road safely.


Today’s vehicles are equipped with power steering, which helps the driver make turns with minimal force to the steering wheel. In order for power steering to function the components within the power steering system must be in good working order, and the power steering fluid must be clean. Some of the components that comprise a vehicle’s steering system are the power Steering Pump, Power Steering Fluid, Rack and Pinion, Steering Yoke, Steering Coupler, Tie Rod Ends, and Power Steering Hoses.

Power Steering Flush: You should always refer to your owner’s manual for service requirements, but in general we recommend performing a power steering flush every two years or 75K miles. Failure to exchange dirty fluid could cause internal problems to the power steering pump, o-rings, and seals, or cause expensive damage to other components within the system.

If the steering in your vehicle has become difficult, the power steering fluid is dark or black, steering components have developed a leak, or you hear abnormal whining sounds from the pump, bring your vehicle to New Dimensions Automotive for diagnostics. Technicians will thoroughly inspect the steering system and can replace worn parts. Our steering repairs can typically be completed the same day and are backed by a Nationwide Limited Warranty.

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