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What is Auto Diagnostics?

Today’s cars are loaded with computerized components designed to monitor and control a vehicle’s systems: the engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and fuel systems are among a few.   Often when a component fails the vehicle will trigger a check engine light or other onboard warning indicator.  The first step to figuring out what caused the warning is to scan the vehicle’s computer logs for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s). A DTC code can guide a technician to an area that is performing out of parameter.   What a DTC code will not do is tell the technician exactly what’s wrong or what part needs replacement.  Accurate diagnostics comes from education, experience, and thorough research of technical bulletins, which help pinpoint an issue to either a failed component, a software issue, or even a maintenance problem.


With advanced vehicle technology, diagnostics can be complicated to get right.  Hiring the right shop for the job is important. An accurate diagnostics report is the first step to repairing a vehicle correctly. When you bring your vehicle to New Dimensions Automotive for diagnostics you can trust we will do the job right because:

 1) We use state-of-the-art computer scanners that can find DTC codes.

2) We invest in software updates so we can scan all makes, models, and even the newest year vehicles.

3) We regularly purchase new and specialty tools and equipment.

4) Our techs are educated professionals with an Associate’s degree in automotive and attend quarterly classes for new technology and refresher courses.

5) We have paid subscriptions to not one, but TWO technical databases; we have access to all technical bulletins, schematics, and repair data.

6) After diagnostics is complete, we offer repairs with OEM parts backed by a Nationwide Limited Warranty.

At New Dimensions Automotive our diagnostic fee is 1-hour of labor. In some cases where computer diagnostic is not necessary, we charge only 1/2-hour of labor. Please understand, we are unable to waive diagnostic fees.  


Many other components fail without giving a dashboard warning indicator.  For example, you may find fluid on the driveway, abnormal sounds from the engine, hear squealing, or feel shaking.  New Dimensions Automotive can perform basic diagnostic tests like a test drive or visual inspections under the hood and undercarriage. Once diagnostics is complete, we offer repairs with quality OEM parts backed by a Nationwide Limited Warranty.

Have questions regarding auto diagnostics? We are here to help. Give us call today at (480) 218-0096.

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